Column 26 Covered CA payment options

I have a Covered California application pending.  I know I have to pay my premium by 1/5/2014 but how much is it and how do I pay it?  What is the status of my application?  These are the most common questions out there right now.


The Covered California site has been intermittently very slow again.  I suspect it is due to the crush of folks trying to meet the 12/23/2013 application deadline.  (That is for folks who want insurance effective 1/1/2014).  Since it is YOUR subsidy, it is really incumbent upon you to track the status and be sure that your application is completed, plan chosen, documents uploaded and premiums paid.

First login to your Covered CA account and get your Case number.  It should start with 5000.   You may also review your status to be sure that you have chosen a plan and your net premium after subsidy. 

Note that when submitting verification, the process has several steps.  First you "upload" the documents, then hit the back button to return you to the screen where you must then "submit".  It will not complete the transaction until you put some text in the comments section.  You will then receive a verification number for the transaction.  That's how you know it is complete.  It's easy to think that after you have uploaded the information, the transaction is complete, but it is not.  You must finish with these steps.

If the insurance is with Anthem Blue Cross, the applicant should receive a link to this page: , which explains to them what will happen next (e.g., you will get a letter explaining how to make your initial payment).  Once the applicant makes their initial payment, Anthem will enroll them and send ID card.  Please allow several days for applicants to be uploaded into the system and   letters to go out.

If you do not receive a letter, you can call Member Services to make a payment and/or receive payment instructions: Member Services 800-333-0912. Further I have been advised that you can mail your premium to Anthem.  Please reference your Covered CA case number (begins with 5000).  Attach your NET monthly premium payment and mail to ANTHEM:  P.O. Box 9041 Oxnard, CA 93031

Since the original deadline for receipt of funds is now 1/9/2014, the holidays keep us all very busy and mail is slow, I recommend that if you do not receive a statement by 12/30/2013 that you mail the funds. If you are ultra conservative, you can get a "proof of mailing" from the post office.  Blue Shield of CA has not extended their past 1/6/2014